Weekend Hack:Echo Dot


Getting better Audio out of an Amazon Echo Dot…

How to plan routes for a Garmin GPS using an Ipad - completely offline.


Why ? We planned a motorcycle trip to Corsica/France. All of the Riders usually have some kind of a Garmin GPS Device like a Garmin Zumo or some of the Garmin Outdoor GPS devices mounted to the bike. And usually, one of the Riders packs a Laptop, so that we can plan day trips at the destination site. Most of the time, this was me. Unfortunately, I’ve got a new Bike and my luggage capabilities are reduced as I do not yet have any cases for it.

monicat - ESP8266-based MQTT Happy Cat


OK, so I wanted to play a bit with MQTT. MQTT is some kind of a machine2machine chat protocol, letting devices chat to some kind of chatrooms, whilst other devices in that chatroom are listening. Terms are not completely correct, mqtt calls it publishers, subscribers and topics. You get the point. Think of a botnet. Just with IoT Gadgets. What could possibly go wrong :)

Just playin’ a bit around with an mqtt broker (that is the chat server :) ) and some command line clients is boring. Something has to happen. And when using MQTT as a backend for all sorts of stuff like monitoring, sensors, things, a universal notification device would come in handy.

Again… a box with some lights would be boring….



Calculating Temperatures from IKEA Fantast meat thermometer measurements.

Hugo Photoswipe Gallery Script helper


I found a nice little Blog Post about how to integrate a Photoswipe Gallery into Hugo. But something was missing…

Bluetooth Speaker


Today I finished a small side project which originally was just a test how the Housing of the Piratio could look like:

Install hifiberry amp+ on HypriotOS

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Installing hifiberry boards on HypriotOS currently isn’t that easy.


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I started a new Project: piratio.

Piratio is basically a Raspberry Pi based WiFI Internet Radio. What makes it special is that it doesn’t use Raspbian but HypriotOS, which includes Docker.



This will become my new blog.